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We are all Cyber Hornets

Cyber Hornet saw a massive gap in the Bitcoin ATM sector. ATMs have been growing at the speed of light, and the adoption was still too low, confusing to first-time HODLers, and intimidating like sending your first email.

We found a need to introduce a company with a friendly approach; no holds bar to offering our customers the fastest and hardest money in the existence of humanity. There is “magic” when we think about technology, electric cars, and blockchain technology as a whole. The cliff note is that the energy, talent, and community behind Bitcoin is matched by none other.

It started after nearly 50 years of work, tons of math, and an anonymous group or individual wrote a “white paper” that launched a decentralized and open-sourced program on October 31st. 2009 called Satoshi Nakamoto. This blockchain is powered by computers worldwide (miners) across the globe solve complex math problems, and every 10-minutes, there’s a lottery where miners find bitcoins.

We only endorse Bitcoin at our location. To achieve this, we are launching Bitcoin ATMs around the United States to reach first-time HODLers who don’t even know what a Satoshi is (Sats or 0.00000001 BTC) to begin their path to adopting the future of commerce. For the first time, for as little as $10, anyone can purchase Bitcoin directly at all Cyber Hornet locations with the lowest ATM fees available.

We’re fast, safe, and secure. If you’re unsure about making your purchase. We’ll help you pick your wallet (just like your online banking) where you store your Bitcoins.


Michael Zima

Chief Marketing Officer, Michael Zima graduated from Columbia College Chicago in 2012 with a BA in Marketing & Advertising. Michael is the co-founder of Zima Media, a digital marketing agency that has helped over 2,000 businesses in 80 countries and 30 industries grow and improve their digital footprint.

Artur Pawelko

Chief Revenue Officer, Artur Pawelko received his bachelor degree from Loyola University in Entrepreneurship, and in 2012 set out in the world to use capitalism as a force for good. Since, Artur has helped a multitude of companies in a variety of industries bring their solutions to market and positively impact the marketplace and the world around them.

Damien Bouvier, MBA

Chief Operating Officer, Damien Bouvier graduated from the university of Saint Thomas, MN in 2015 with an MBA in information technology. He is a comic book fan, history novel devourer, and certified international traveler. Damien is the co-founder of Zima Media, a digital marketing agency that has helped over 2,000 businesses in 80 countries, and in 30 industries grow and improve their digital footprint.

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