Simplest way to purchase Bitcoin.

Use our ATMs to sell your cash for Bitcoin. Cyber Hornet is the best way to purchase Bitcoin.

Buy Bitcoin with Cyber Hornet


Cyber Hornet offers
competitive pricing!


We tap the power of the
blockchain to purchase Bitcoin instantly.


Never bought Bitcoin before? Cyber Hornet makes purchasing easy with our in-store experience.


Cyber Hornet is expanding across
the US and Europe.


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How does it work?

When you first use Cyber Hornet, the machine will walk you through the purchase. So, for example, if you bought food from a vending machine, you could buy Bitcoin. It’s just that easy.

How to Buy Bitcoins With Cyber Hornet

1. Visit your local Cyber Hornet location.

We’re constantly adding new locations. Make sure to follow us on social media to hear about our next location.

2. Scan your Wallet QR

Cyber Hornet has a camera that snaps the QR code instantly.

3. Insert Cash

Insert dollar bills. The machine will calculate your exchange rate in real-time. Buy that dip!

4. Get Bitcoin

Bitcoin will be sent to your wallet instantly. 

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